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White Bunny Box

$ 99.00
Celebrate Your baby's First Birthday with this adorable White Bunny Box featuring high quality white Bunny Romper, Bunny Bodysuit and Hooded Towel. Bunny Romper: 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex Bunny Bodysuit: 100% Cotton Hooded Towel: 100% Bamboo; Dimension: 90cm x 90cm

His first Birthday

$ 79.00
Stand Out from the rest, send this luxurious baby essentials box to celebrate the little boy first birthday. Items Include:
  • Bear Bodysuit
  • Blue Bunny Romper
  • Fallen Feather Bamboo Swaddle blanket

Her first Birthday

$ 79.00
Celebrate your baby girl's First Birthday with this luxurious gift set. Items Include:
  • Bunny bodysuit
  • Pink Bunny Romper
  • Beaube Signature Print Bamboo Swaddle blanket

“It’s a girl”

$ 59.00
"It's a girl" pack is the perfect gift set for baby shower. Items include:
  • Bunny bodysuit
  • Light peach 100% organic cotton Bib
  • Our signature print Bamboo Swaddle blanket

“It’s a Boy”

$ 59.00
Warmly welcome your precious little boy into the world with our gift box. This "It's a boy" pack is a perfect gift set for baby shower or new born. Items include:
  • Bear bodysuit
  • Light blue 100% organic cotton Bib
  • Fallen feather Bamboo Swaddle blanket