If unsure about which size to choose, we recommend sizing up for extra wear, or if you prefer a relaxed/looser fit.

Age Length(cm) Shoulder(cm) Chest(cm) Waist(cm)
0-3m 48 20 26 27
3-6m 52 21 27 28
6-12m 55 22 29 29
12-18m 59 23 30 30


Beaube’s collection of organic clothing takes into account the softest most durable material available. Our desire for quality fabric to make you feel confident and safe and ensure you choose the most sustainable clothing available for your baby. Our range of organic cotton items have been certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) in which our factories have been acknowledged.

This shows our commitment to certified organic items that contain a minimum of 95% organic fibres, which are used to produce our clothing. It is made without the use of pollutant and harsh materials that may adversely affect your baby and the environment.

We are all for promoting sustainable and beautiful fashion and aim to have these clothing items passed down through the family line.

We also have items made from 100% bamboo fibre which is said to have many advantages which include breathability for your baby, softness, and durability even when it goes through the washer several times.

We; at Beaube, respect the environment and are working towards fashion that may stay and not be outdated. We want you to feel beautiful in every garment worn; and most importantly for your little one.